Sacred Woman – Moon Sisters Level 2
a Wild Year

‘Sacred woman I am

Down walking barefoot by the river stones

I’ve got the water in my blood

And the earth in my bones

I tend the fire in my heart, so I’m never alone

Sacred woman I am’


How do we walk this Earth in a good way?

How do we make the beautiful world our hearts know is possible?

How do we become Sacred Women?

A year-long immersion over 4 long weekends on the land, ‘Sacred Woman’ continues on from the Moon Sisters journey of self-discovery and healing, and widens the focus into healing our relationship with nature and with Life. Following a yearning to re-join the web of life, where all the other-than-humans are waiting for us to wake up and come home.

Women are carriers of life, and natural protectors of the Earth. Do you hear the call to step up? To learn how to mend and tend this precious life and this exquisite world?

Learning from nature connection practices, and gaining practical bushcraft skills, we will deepen our ability to be on and with the land, and all of life, so that we can truly listen to the Earth and to the wisdom of nature. Once we have this deep connection we can follow our instinct to tend and feed the earth, the elements and all of Life, through ceremony, ritual, offerings, song and prayer, as priestesses or guardians.

Informed by the ancient ways of these and other lands, we’re developing old, new ways, that are called from our own land and help us reclaim our indigeny, so that we can find our way back into the web of Life.

What you can expect to receive


4 long weekends in South Devon, each focused on one of the elements

4 zoom calls connecting between weekends

Support emails

Facebook closed group for ongoing communication and support

What we expect from you

A willingness to meet your edges in a supported way

To be outdoors in all weathers

Commitment to develop your practices between sessions


To create a safe, sacred space, we request that personal information/experiences shared in that space remain there – you can share your own experiences back out in the world, but we ask you not to share the experiences/words of others, unless with their permission.


We ask for commitment to the whole 9 months. If you miss a session, your payment will still be required, as we still have to meet all the costs of the venue, facilitators, gifts, transport etc. which have been calculated based on a certain number of participants. If you do have to miss one, you will have notes and recordings to help you catch up and will be offered a call/skype with Nikki to cover everything and check in.

Coming in 2021 - Dates and Prices to be confirmed

“The feminine mystic is one who gathers the pain of the world into her arms and transmutes it with "wild mercy"--a merging of fierce courage with the unstoppable forces of forgiveness, compassion, and love. And she is needed now more than ever. Women across cultural boundaries are rising with our echoing yes in response to the collective call to step up and repair the broken world. We are rooting ourselves in our resounding no in the face of injustice to our fellow human beings and our Mother Earth”

Mirabai Starr