Welcome to MoonSisters

Womb Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Moontime Wisdom
for thirteen moons over 2018 and into 2019

Nikkis Womb Yoga

Connect to the Moon,

feel the deep support of the Earth,

fall in love with yourself and your cycle

and discover its many gifts to guide you,

inspire you and empower you

to step into your full womanhood.

Devon details

My name is Nikki Chambers. I’m a yoga teacher qualified in Dru Yoga and Womb Yoga, also with experience with Native American teachings - more here

Join me

in this journey into the women’s mysteries with gentle Womb Yoga, menstrual empowerment, Moon Lodge wisdom, nature connection, dance and deep relaxation.

This 13 moons long journey for a small group of women will be a friendly, intimate, relaxed way for us to gather and delve deeply into the wisdom of the womb. It’s an honour and delight for me to be offering out these treasures that I’ve collected over the last few years, (read more about my moon journey here)


We’ll be meeting for one Saturday a month. Each time we’ll create sacred space, then explore womb yoga, followed by a luxurious deep relaxation/yoga nidra. We’ll also go into Moon Wisdom, sharing the feminine mysteries.

There will be a Moon Journal to work from between sessions for those who want to explore in depth, a closed FaceBook group in which you can share your experiences and keep in touch, and I’ll also be sending you videos and emails to support and inspire you.


this course is for women who are cycling (regularly or not). This is a closed group and women are asked to commit to the whole 13 months. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss this.